Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The last movie we saw was THE DEPARTED. Does Scorsese know anyone that doesn't use profanity? You will think not after watching this plane crash. Seems everyone in the film has a problem identifying who they are. Any good notions soon go sour as people are being blown away and their blood splattering everywhere. The whole premise of the film is unbelievable. There is this preoccupation with rats, in this case one has infiltrated the mob, while the other is a mole in the police department. Leonardo is a good cop who goes undercover to get the goods on the rat with all the cheese, Jack Nicholson. Meanwhile, Matt Damon is a rat in the police department with ties to the Nicholson rat that go back to his childhood days in sunny Boston. We know that it is Boston because everyone talks like JFK. It was like winning an Oscar depended on who could produce the heaviest accent. My nomination goes to Mark Wahlburg. Why is it that Nicholson could not figure out that the new guy in his organization might be the rat? And it would have taken Columbo about 15 minutes to catch the rats scurrying about the police department. Matt and Leonardo both have a thing for this department psychiatrist. This little mouse is so dumb that she can't figure out that Matt is bad pretending to be good while Leonardo is good pretending to be bad. Not only do we have two guys both having an identity crisis, schmoozing the same girl who doesn't have a clue who they are even though she gets paid to do just that, but we also have the whole police department and every mobster in Boston that can't figure these guys out. Anytime the dialog goes south, the guns come out and bullets fly everywhere causing more blood to splatter. After they kill everybody off, they have to end the film, which is a good thing, at last.